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Butte County Watercolor Society

First Annual Open Juried Show

December 17, 2009 - January 10, 2010

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 17, 2009; 5-8pm.
Juror Ann Pierce.


Cottage Artisans 

December 11 - 13

Hours: Friday 4-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm


Mixed Nutz Artisans

December 4 - 6

Hours: Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm


Small World, Small Works

Small World, Small Works

November 7 - 29

Reception: Saturday, November 7, 7-9pm

The Small World, Small Works Exhibition was designed as an opportunity for local artists to show their work with other artists from around the nation and the world. Specifically, we hope to bring artists from all parts of the world together under one roof for our visitors to enjoy. We hope to enlighten our visitors about art made by people from regions of the world that they would not normally have an opportunity to see. We value the diversity found in all cultures today and believe that this event will bring people closer to one another through art.

In addition, the Small World, Small Works project will exhibit artists from all over the world together in multiple cities. Artists outside of the Chico area and abroad were invited to enter. We believe we can increase art awareness through the diversity that an international line-up of artists would provide. As this goes to print we have lined up a second city the 2009 exhibition will travel to with another in the works and hope to continue to add others to the total number of locations. The added locations will exhibit all artworks after the end of the CAC show and return to CAC for a one night fundraising auction to sell the unsold artworks. Auction date and other locations to be announced.
so check back here or call us.

How this event works:
Artists purchasing a canvas from CAC for this event were guaranteed that whatever they created on it would be included in this exhibit-no judging was involved. This concept is not new to CAC. Small World, Small Works is replacing Mini-COBA, which was also a small works show and is likely to attract the same crowds every year.

We are starting this year out with a 12 inch by 12 inch by 1.5 inch deep canvas. If you are reading this before the Nov. 4, drop-off deadline contact us to come in and buy your canvas, or have it shipped to you, or use your own of the same size and enter it with the appropriate entry fee - see details on our prospectus and entry form.

All ages were encouraged to enter this event. We are very pleased to exhibit all levels of artists together because we want this to be a show everyone can be a part of.
This event is the first of what we plan to be an annual event, and one that is well received and anticipated by the entire community. If you missed the chance to enter the 2009 Small World exhibition, you can purchase your canvas from us all year long in preparation for the 2010 Small World, Small Works multi-city exhibition.

Lets not forget, this is a fundraising event for the Chico Art Center and your participation in this event will help us to continue to foster arts awareness and art education programs for the greater Chico area and beyond!

If your gallery or arts center would like to join the list of exhibition locations for this event please contact our gallery director. Participating galleries and arts centers will keep commissions from sales of artworks while shown at their location. CAC will pay shipping to and from any locations interested in joining this event. We ask that such interested venues show this event for at least one night with a reception- or longer if possible. We would love to hear from you.

Please email this information to your friends and family to help us to continue to bring arts programs and events to anyone who wishes to enjoy, and become involved with the arts.

Call 530-895-8726 (office), 530-891-5945 (gallery) for additional information.

Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009
Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009
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Open Studio Exhibition 2009

Open Studio Exhibition

October 3 - November 1

The Chico Art Center is working at top speed getting everything ready for the 20th Annual Open Studios Art Tour. This year there will be so much to see, lots of new and exciting art and artists. The whole month of October will be the venue for this event, and you do not want to miss any one of the weekends.

October 3 at the Chico Art Center, 450 Orange Street, from 7pm to 9pm there will be a Gala Reception and a Gallery Exhibit to introduce you to the Art and Artists in Chico, Oroville and Paradise. You can purchase your tour guide there and start deciding where you are going to go and who you want to see. This is a great family adventure and one where everyone can see Art of their own choosing.

October 10 and 11 is the Chico Weekend; all studios will be open from 10am to 5pm on both days.

October 17 and 18 is the Paradise Weekend; all studios will be open from 10am to 5pm on both days.

October 24 and 25 is the Oroville Weekend; all studios will be open from 10am to 5pm on both days.

October 31 and November 1 are a Bonus Weekend, and all studios that choose, will be open from 10am to 5pm on both days.

Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009 Open Studio 2009
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August 15 - September 13

L’Art, a thirty-five artist exhibition opened at Chico Art Center August 15, and runs through Sept. 13. The reception was on the opening evening from 7 - 9pm.  Each artist is exhibiting several artworks in this Salon-style show which will feature hundreds of artworks packed into the gallery for your viewing pleasure.  The Art Center encourages the entire community, and beyond, to come out and see this extraordinary show featuring artists whom you may recognize and many, many new talents as well.

Among the many artists featured in this exceptional show there are Butte College and Chico State students proudly exhibiting their artworks. Come show your support for our talented north state artists and visit this exhibition. 

l'art opening
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Cathy Breslaw

Cathy Breslaw

Discovery Series

July 11 - August 2

At the Chico Art Center starting July 11 through Aug 2, is an exhibition of work by California artist Cathy Breslaw. The gallery will feature the artist’s distinctive use of industrial mesh and netting. “It’s the sort of material you often see packaging fresh fruit or flowers at the supermarket". This material, which is mass produced in China and shipped globally, comes in a wide spectrum of colors that are anything but what comes to mind when you think “industrial-grade” …those drab, muddy yellows, greens, browns and grays associated with warehouses, factories and construction machinery….The artist has lined up a whole rainbow of colors, from golden maize, to red, chartreuse, aqua, and orange. In addition to subtle variations in the density of the different colors of mesh, she has also included long and narrow strands of bubble wrap, which provide some textural punctuation and, somewhat paradoxically, some substance to the otherwise delicate pieces. But next to the brilliant but gauzy colors of the mesh, the color on the plastic appears hyper-saturated and, therefore, altogether more weighty….

Even though they couldn’t be further removed from traditional paints on canvas, Breslaw’s wall-hung compositions function like paintings. Her airy, loosely formed vertical striations recall the color field paintings of American painter Morris Louis as he would pour rivers of paint onto raw canvas and let gravity do most of the work. This peripheral ghosting effect is what Breslaw’s entire body of work achieves, enabled by the use of see-through mesh….Breslaw’s works evoke the weightless quality of everything from birds in flight, to clouds, to kites. Air is much more a part of the form here than the material that shapes it, amplifying the delicacy of the object even when its chief component is an industrial-caliber material…. Some of the wall pieces, consist of gathered bands of mesh in different colors radiating from the center, as to suggest a reference to the sun….The unusual painterly aspect Breslaw achieves with her wall tableaus makes those the most successful in the show, they are seemingly less derivative than the others and make a more robust visual statement overall….Fiber arts hung from the ceiling have been seen before, and feminine objects like shawls, skirts and quilts sprawled on the floor are common in the feminist artistic canon, but there is no renowned precedent for these gauzy, mesh “paintings.” They make this show well worth a visit. The reception for this show will be held August 1, 7-9pm.


Jennifer Anderson, Will Chiapella, Marc Sheridan

Jennifer Anderson, Will Chiapella, & Marc Sheridan

Discovery Series

June 6 - July 5

Jennifer Anderson, Will Chiapella, and Marc Sheridan create their art through lens and computer. Will Chiapella will show his dark, chiaroscuro silver-gelatin prints, and Marc Sheridan will present his equally somber and melancholy digital prints. Jennifer Anderson will show her digital prints in a unique, non-traditional, 3-D format which lifts the work away from the wall.  

The reception for this exhibition is June 6. This date is also First Art Saturday and our doors will open at 4pm with the reception from 7 - 9pm.


Contemporary Woman 2009

Contemporary Woman 2009

A non-juried all woman show

May 2 - May 31

The theme for this years show is, "Small Works, Little Treasures". This year we are forgoing a juror which means all entries will be accepted with the entry fee. A salon-style exhibition awaits the community as we anticipate entries enough to fill the gallery walls, and possibly more. Member and non-member artists may submit 2D or 3D work. Out-of-area artists may ship work (call for details or click the link to download the instructions) - so pass the word on to your friends, wherever they are!

You need not work in a "contemporary" manner or style to enter Contemporary Woman 2009. We are simply implying through the title that the artworks exhibited are from women artists making art today. CAC encourages all female artists to submit something and be part of this extraordinary show which was designed to pay homage specifically to them.

Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009 Contemporary Woman 2009
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Douglas Golightly & John Sundstrom

Douglas Golightly & John Sundstrom

March 21 - April 26

Douglas Golightly is exhibiting his unique style of "magical-realism" in his oil on Formica paintings. His paintings range from figurative to wildlife with works as small as 6 inches to works as large as 7 feet tall. Mr. Golightly will speak at the reception starting at 7:30 PM.

John Sundstrom also brings his detailed charcoal drawings based on views of cathedrals he visited in Europe, as well as colorful acrylic paintings based on the same.

Both artists capture their subject matter with obvious mastery and the show is one of mysticism and beauty.

Works by the artists are also found in the CAC gift shop in the lobby.

Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom Douglas Golightly - John Sundstrom
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Creative Fusion 5

Creative Fusion 5, A student exhibition

February 21 - March 15

Creative Fusion 5, a student exhibition featuring ninety-one artworks. All of the artists come from our local junior and senior high schools. This is by far one of the best Creative Fusion student shows, one you will not want to miss, so bring the entire family. The reception for this event is March 7, 7:00-9:00 PM. We remind our members that March is National Student Art Month, so come out and show our kids you support the arts programs in our schools, and at CAC.

Members Exhibition 2009

Members Exhibition 2009

January 17 - February 15

Reception: In keeping with the Chico Art First Saturday the reception for this show will be held on Saturday, February 7, 7-9pm. You are invited to come and meet the artists and enjoy an evening of music and conversation.

The ninety-six member artists in this year’s show are:
Carryl Brown, Judith Biehler, Randall Heron, Michele A. Wickham, Tedo Best, Amber Palmer, Lorraine Mattoon, Lori Stevens, Marie Hubbard, Christine Connerly, Evonne Cramer, Rich Lea, Lloyd Liebes, Arthur Lemner, Irene Alfieri, Leslie Mahon-Russo, Garnetta Finnegan, Maribeth Growdon, Lake Shade, Vic Kronberg, Richard Hornaday, Nan Bagby, Jeanine Griffin, Ellen Heise, Pat Macias, Mathew Del Fave, Madeleine Brewer, Pat Everett, Keith Davis, Mike Simpson, Marilyn Walsh, Betty O’Hare, Suzanne Lorenz, Anne Gottlieb, Patty Moriarty, Machelle Conn, Phyllis Cullen, Rod Caudill, Michael McConnell, William M. Bagby, Kathie Bechard, Irene Rice, Carol McClendon, Philip Lydon, Janet Bauer, Marilyn St. Clair, Lynne Tudor Stefanetti, Graham Hutton, R. Joyce Rendon, Darren Names, Anne Wheelock, Keira Troxell, Gary McHargue, Jon Shult, Erin Wells, Frank S. Wilson, Norman Gonzales, Ellis Harms, Dolores Mitchell, Jane Zambory, David Lawton, Patricia Pravda McCroskey, Ken Keller, Sharon Sawyer, Matthew Tupper, Randy Wilson, Stanley Jacks, David Triplett, Janet Lombardi-Blixt, Jane Ryan, Douglas Golightly, Jenifer Hornaday, Sally Dimas, Judith Carter, Janice Hofmann, Amy Gaffney, Mike Murphy, Dori Murnieks, David Miller, Charla Connelley, David Mallory, Fay Grundvig, Juanita Arnold, Jon Cummins, Marylyn Felion, Mary Amicarella, James Albertie, Reta Rickmers, Penny Terstegge, Paula Busch, Sal Casa, Susan Strawn, Onelda Hodson, Carol Preble-Miles, Kim Victoria, Valerie Payne

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